Pros & Cons of Investing in Gold

Before you invest in gold for your retirement, we recommend that you examine the pros and cons of gold investing. There are some real benefits for anyone that wants to invest in gold. Their are two primary ways to invest in gold within the United States. You can setup a gold IRA and purchase gold that will be stored in a government approved depository, or you can purchase gold directly from a gold broker and store the gold at home or at your bank.

Gold Bars

We recommend that you invest in gold bars or coins through a gold IRA. This is the best option when investing in gold because you are saving it for your retirement. A gold IRA has tax incentives and it is a low risk investment. Gold within an IRA will be held in a government approved depository that will keep it safe and secure for your retirement. You can setup a gold IRA through one of the recommended gold IRA companies that are featured on this web site.

The Pros of Investing in Gold:

  • A long term store of value
  • Hedge against inflation
  • A high liquidity investment
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • A safe haven asset

The Cons of Investing in Gold:

  • Substantial capital to invest
  • Specialized storage fees
  • No interest, dividends or yields
  • Various commissions & premiums
  • Not a good short term investment

IRA Approved Gold Coins

If you want to invest in gold for your retirement, then the benefits truly outweight the negatives. It is recommended that you invest 10% to 20% of your retirement savings into gold or other precious metals. Gold is a safe haven asset that can help shield some of your savings during a financial crisis, government instability or a major disaster. Gold is one of the safest assets to hold because it seldom loses its value, and tends to keep value during bad times.