How much gold is in your portfolio?

As an investor, you should make sure to diversify your portfolio. The top investors in the world are investing in stocks, precious metals, real estate and other investments. They don’t put all of their eggs in one basket. They protect their assets by diversifying their investments. Investors don’t want to lose all of their wealth during a financial crisis, government instability, or a natural disaster. Gold is a safe haven asset that doesn’t normally lose any of its value during bad economic times and that is why people tend to invest in it for their future retirement.

Gold Bars

You should put anywhere from 10% to 20% of your wealth into gold or other precious metals. Their is no exact percentage that you should invest. It really depends on your comfort level and your own views or predictions on what will happen with the economy and life going forward. You can’t really expect to make a profit from investing in precious metals. A precious metals investment is there to hold its value or go up slighly in value by the time that you retire.

Benefits of Gold Investing:

  • A real store of wealth
  • Weakness of US Dollar
  • Hedge against inflation
  • A tangible asset to hold

Benefits of Silver Investing:

  • Hedge against inflation
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Metal has industrial uses
  • A safeguard against volatility

Most investors want to profit from their investments. They can make investments that will mature by the time that they retire. They expect to have more funds to spend for their retirement. This is a good plan, but every investment comes with a certain amount of risk. That is why investors will take a percentage of their total savings and invest it in precious metals. They want to lessen the risk of losing all of their savings due to unforseen events that may happen before their retirement. Gold is a safe-haven asset that tends to lower that risk.